Dental Aesthetics

We focus on improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile through various procedures such as teeth whitening, dental veneers and multiple other treatments.



Veneers are ceramic facets that serve to improve the anatomy, position and color of the patient’s teeth with the aim of improving the aesthetics of their smile. Ceramic is the treatment par excellence, since it is the material that most closely resembles the composition of tooth enamel. With this
method it is easier to achieve a magnificent result in translucency and color.

Full coverage crowns

Today, we have materials such as zirconium that make crowns or covers not only more resistant, but also more aesthetic. Classic metal-porcelain crowns can also be used in certain locations.

Composite Veneers

These aesthetic restorations are made with a material known as composite resin. Currently it is applied directly to the surface of the teeth until they are given the desired shape and color.

Composite resins, or composite, are materials that have evolved a lot in recent years, both in their physical and aesthetic properties. Today, these materials are capable of faithfully reproducing the biomechanical and optical behavior of natural teeth, in such a way that it is possible to achieve veneers and reconstructions that are practically imperceptible to the eye.

We have the training and technical means necessary to perform classic, thermoformed or fluid injected composite rehabilitations, with transparent perforated splints, adapting to each clinical case.

Smile Design

We make the latest advances in diagnosis and smile design planning available to our patients. Thanks to the DIGITAL SCANNER and a meticulous and personalized procedure, we can guarantee the best version of your smile, making plans that the patient can view prior to the treatment.

Teeth whitening

We offer different whitening methods. We just have to choose the one that best suits the patient’s needs:

  • Whitening in clinic:
    Due to the passage of time, pigments and other chromogenic substances that are deposited on the surface of the teeth, these can acquire an increasingly darker and yellowish color, thus generating an unaesthetic smile effect.
    Sometimes internal staining can also occur in the tooth. They usually appear as a result of trauma, the consumption of certain medications or alterations in the formation of dental tissues. In-clinic lamp whitening is specially designed to solve all these problems, obtaining a quick result in just a few sessions.


  • Home whitening:
    Using transparent splints made in the clinic, the patient can perform progressive whitening from home, being comfortable and effective.


  • Internal tooth whitening:
    The color change in a single tooth can be a symptom of a serious problem such as cavities, necrosis of the dental nerve or root resorption. It could also be the tooth’s response to trauma or as a result of dental root canal treatment. The causes can be varied. Therefore, a correct diagnosis is essential to treat the origin of the discoloration and ensure that the whitening is as effective as possible.
    In-clinic treatment of one or several teeth may be necessary, seeking satisfactory results, treating each tooth individually.

Treatment with hyaluronic acid

It is focused on diagnosing the different types of lips and applying the appropriate technique for each of them to harmonize and complete the treatments of the oral cavity.

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