We perform endodontics with advanced technology to preserve damaged teeth. Precise removal of pulp tissue, cleaning, filling and sealing guarantee long lasting results.

What is an endodontic?

Dental pulp is the tissue found inside the teeth. It is composed of nerves, blood vessels and specialized cells. It is in charge of perceiving external stimuli and warns us that all the pieces are in perfect condition in the mouth.

Endodontics is an intervention that removes the pulp tissue in order to preserve the tooth and maintain its chewing function. It is performed when the aim is to preserve a tooth that would otherwise have to be forcibly extracted.

Causes that may require a root canal

  • Deep dental caries.
  • Trauma or blows.
  • Cases of pulpitis, irreversible inflammation of the pulp tissue.
  • Cases of pulp tissue necrosis.

How is endodontics performed?

With the help of specialized instruments, the endodontist extracts the pulp from the inside of the tooth in poor condition. The root contents, i.e. the vessels and nerves, are removed and the inside of the tooth is disinfected, cleaned and dried.
Later, it is filled with resin and sealing cement to avoid empty spaces that could lead to possible infections. Finally, a temporary filling is placed in the crown of the tooth, which the dentist will later replace with another one with definitive properties.
This procedure is usually performed in one session.
During the two or three days following the treatment, there is the possibility of slight discomfort that will disappear quickly with painkillers.
Sometimes, it may be necessary to perform other treatments within this specialty:

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