We offer services to correct the position of teeth and bone structures through the use of traditional or invisible appliances, with the objective of improving the bite and dental position. Invisible orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, orthodontics with self-ligating brackets, conventional orthodontics.


Malocclusions, oral health and esthetics have developed to such an extent that orthodontic treatments are becoming more and more common.

The initial step is based on a good diagnosis diagnosis. For this purpose, our team follows the following procedure:

  • Diagnostic tests: Radiographic study, photos, impressions for the study of models, CT and intraoral scanner.
  • Study of each case, individualized, documented and explained to the patient in order to understand the treatment to be initiated with its corresponding treatment plan.

Equipment used

The equipment we use varies according to the diagnosis and treatment plan determined:

1.-Metal bracketsThe orthodontic forces can be applied on the tooth by means of orthodontic forces. It consists of a base prepared for cementing on the tooth and a part with a groove through which the archwire passes. They may have fins which are used to place the system linked to the classical arch or boxes which allows us a self-ligationThis provides us with softer forces, biologically better accepted by the structures that surround and support the tooth and faster results.

2.-Ceramic or aesthetic bracketstransparent brackets. Specially designed for those cases in which an aesthetic component is required.

3.-Interceptive Orthodontics: is a type of preventive orthodontics used in children to guide or correct poor growth of the teeth and jaws. The goal is to treat malocclusion problems at an early age, before growth has been completed. For this we use fixed or removable orthodontics in young children that helps us to redirect the growth of the oral cavity and to prepare the mouth for the arrival of the permanent dentition. It is a resin appliance that has multiple functions such as palate expansion, bone growth brake, swallowing reeducation or digital suction restriction, among others.

4.-Invisible orthodontics is one of the most requested when it comes to correcting dental malpositions. It is a simple treatment that consists of the use of removable transparent splints made to measure for the patient and by means of which the position of the teeth is corrected until they are brought to an ideal position. The set of aligners responsible for the movement is changed every two weeks. This allows a gradual displacement of the teeth to the final position. In a first visit, a complete study is made of the initial position of the patient’s teeth, the anatomy of the jaws, the facial profile and the occlusal pattern. For this purpose, photographic records and scans of the mouth are taken and sent to the planning platform in order to evaluate, in a precise virtual way, the possible progression of the treatment. Once reviewed and approved by our specialist, the customized corrective splints are made. Unlike conventional systems, it is a virtually invisible treatment, more comfortable, that allows the patient’s smile to be transformed in a safe and effective way without interfering in the least with their daily life.

5.-Microscrewsare used in orthodontic treatments to achieve proper anchorage. The term anchoring is very important in this specialty. In the past, it was necessary to use the posterior teeth to anchor and move the anterior teeth. Mini implants have revolutionized orthodontic treatments. With them we can create the necessary anchorage without relying on the rear pieces, thus correcting problems that had previously been very difficult to solve.

RetainersOnce treatment is completed, the orthodontist removes the brackets and places retainers. These hold the teeth in their new positions until the bone, gums and muscles adapt to the new dental relationship.

7.- Occasionally, orthognathic surgery is recommended orthognathic surgery, since a good occlusion good occlusion increases the longevity of our teeth.

8.- Rescue of teeth included.

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