Pediatric Dentistry and PADIEX

In our clinic we are committed to prevention in the oral health care of our children. It is important that this happens from an early age. The child’s primary or baby teeth play an essential role. The development of the adult’s permanent teeth will depend to a great extent on their proper health.

Oral health in children

We believe that the specialty of pediatric dentistry, responsible for treating the oral health of children, is necessary. Our main purpose is to prevent and correct the different anomalies that may arise in childhood. Therefore, we offer:

Oral hygiene education and techniques to help children acquire good oral hygiene habits.

Pit and fissure sealing as a preventive method against caries.

Fluoridation and remineralization.

Fillings, reconstructions and other restorative procedures for active caries such as pulpotomies or pulpectomies.

Space maintainers due to early loss of deciduous teeth due to caries or trauma.

Correction of habits such as digital suction or mouth breathing.

Tooth extractions due to caries or other alterations.

Treatment of dental trauma.

Interceptive orthodontics to allow a correct development of the jaws.


PADIEX (Free Dental Care Plan for children residing in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura) sand implemented in 2005 (Decree 195/2004, DOE No. 2, January 8, 2005). Its purpose is to achieve good oral health for children by applying preventive measures and the necessary treatments.

It is aimed at all children residing in Extremadura who are entitled to health care paid for by the Extremadura Health Service, from January 1 of the year in which they turn 6 years of age until the year in which they turn 15 years of age.

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